Rolling home… the life of the dung beetle

It is just not the big game to look out for in bush explorations, there are myriads of marvellous creatures..

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A Prayer for Mother Earth

…and because life is so dangerous, so difficult for so many in the whole world we speak a prayer for
peace, as we all do as the dawn rises each day

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My name is Push Up

A rhino mother shot. Poached. Horns gone. A little rhino baby crying at its mother’s side. Its name is Push Up. This is his story.

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Big Cats – Cheetahs

Cheetahs are the smallest of the Big Cats: they are the fastest animals in the world and are specialist hunters..

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Perhaps early man learned to use grass when he saw birds eating the seed.  He tasted the seed, liked it..

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Creatures of the air

Birds are surely the most beautiful and colourful of all creatures on earth. They live in many places: on seashores, riverbanks, mountains, in forests and deserts and even in cities.

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Tales goes east

“Tales of the Full Moon is dedicated to those who strive to protect the wild treasures that have been put..

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Insect Antics

So how do invertebrates actually help to run our world?  Pollinating insects such as bees, moths, butterflies, ants, flower beetles..

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Trees for the earth

One tree we in Africa can never forget is the umbrella thorn tree, also known as acacia tortilis.  The crown..

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Calls of the wild

“However often you journey into the wild, each experience brings new impressions, new and renewed astonishment at the marvellous beauty..

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